Office Clearance

Totally Cleared clear office premises, and recycle or re-use as much of the office furniture as possible.

If your office needs clearing due to:

  • End of tenancy and tenant hasn’t cleared all items.
  • Company changing all their desks / office layout and needs to get rid of excess furniture.
  • Change to IT equipment, and old systems need recycling.
  • Or any other reason

Office Clearance

Then we have the ability to clear it, and we recycle or reuse the majority of equipment taken from offices. This is great for the environment, as it avoids using skips, and items going to landfill. We follow all the appropriate legislation in place, including WEEE compliance.

✔ Nationwide Coverage ✔ Removing Desks, Computers, Cabinets, Stationary, Anything!
✔ Full Clearance and Clean ✔ From 1 desk to 200 station call centres, never to small or big
✔ Ready For Next Tenant ✔ Working with Private Landlords, Tenants, Management Companies etc.

Our services for office clearance can be used by building owners, owners agents or companies themselves.

Office Clearance FAQ’s:

  • How much do you charge?

Sometimes we have to charge when clearing offices, and sometimes we offer payment for the equipment. It really does come down to each individual office being unique, and we quote on an office by office basis.

  • What happens to the stuff you remove?

If it can be re-used, then we do our very best to pass it on. If it has some sale value, we may try to sell it to other companies, or via our own outlets. If it has little or no value, then we try to see if charities or local organisations would like it.

If the object can’t be re-used, then we try to re-cycle where ever possible. This involves using a number of local recycling points. If the item can’t be re-used, or re-cycled, then it has to go for land fill. Thankfully, just a very small percent of items we remove end up in landfill.

  • How quickly can you clear my office?

We understand that many landlords want a quick turn around, from one tenant moving out, before the next comes in. We can normally clear the office within 2 to 3 days of being given the go ahead. However, it has been known for us to go and quote on the same day as receiving the phone call, and a few hours later the office is clear. We will work as fast as we can, to ensure you get your office clear as quickly as possible.