Garden Waste Clearance in Banbury

Garden Waste Clearance in Banbury

Garden Waste Clearance in Banbury

We were recently requested by a client to attend a Banbury property, as there had been some building work, and the builders had left a bit of a mess at the end of the garden. We knew the property, as we had previously been asked to clear the house, prior to the building work taking place. We hadn’t touched the garden at that stage. We knew there would be a bit of garden waste, but weren’t expecting what we found.

A time was arranged for us to attend, and look at the work that needed to take place. We discussed with the client what they needed, and wanted from the clearance. A price was agreed, and a date was set to complete the work. The waste was made up of rubble, bricks, plastic, wood and plaster board. Most of this could be put into the skip for processing by the skip company, except the plasterboard that had to be taken to a specialist recycler.

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However, before we could get back to complete the work, the builders had added more rubbish, making the pile almost twice as big. This was no problem for us, as a quick phone call to the client, a new price agreed and we cracked on. Unfortunately, there was no way we could get a grab loader in to clear it quickly, so with spades, wheel barrows and lots we sweat, we set about the garden clearance. I took about 1 work day to complete, filled 2 skips, and a couple of bags of rubbish after!

The end result was that the garden was ready for the client to do with as they pleased. All the rubbish was safely and securely disposed of. We didn’t do the fencing, but did work along side the fencing contractor.

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Now this Banbury garden is clean, clear and safe to be used. It took 2 staff, 1 day to complete and cost 3 figures. If you need rubbish from your builders cleared, then call Totally Cleared today.