Stock Liquidation

Stock Liquidation

Totally Cleared offer a complete business and stock liquidation service, for companies and bankruptcy trustees throughout the UK. We will buy stock, fixtures and fittings from virtually any type of business, selling virtually anything. We put our property clearance expertise into stock liquidation, moving quickly and professionally, to ensure that everything is complete with the minimum amount of fuss.

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 Stock Liquidation service from Totally Cleared

Excess Stock:

If your store room looks like it couldn’t take another box in there, then it may be time to liquidate some of the slower moving stock lines. Contact us with what you have, and we will get back to you ASAP with an offer to purchase the stock. This is a great way to clear out last seasons stock, to generate more room, or to get instant cash for your goods. We cover all areas, niches and size of business.
As well as working with small independent businesses, we also work with chains, and distribution companies to clear stock that is surplus to requirements.

Closing Down Business:

We know that there are times when a business can no longer continue, and the owners may be looking for a quick way to move all the remaining stock, fixtures and fittings of the company. We can assist in this, as we will make an offer to clear everything for you, including the bits we don’t want! This is great for retirement, or a change of direction. If you need to hand the property back to the landlord empty, we can move fast to get it cleared and ready for the landlord.

We can also work with administrators, bailiffs and bankruptcy trustees to assist in the disposal of assets from a business. This covers all business spectrum’s, not just retail. We can clear shops, garages and units, as well as offices, warehouses and factories. We make sensible and realistic offers, based on what needs to be liquidated, and how many man hours we need to put in to do it.

We operate as quickly as possible, and will be open and honest with you at all times. We don’t have hidden costs, and the offer we make normally includes us removing the stock ourselves. We have the ability to move faster than many other companies, so pick up the phone, or send us an email to discuss your stock liquidation needs today.

Please Note – The offers that we make to purchase stock are typically below the wholesale value, and generally below the value that you would have paid for it.