How It Works

This is how a clearance would normally work. Although there may be circumstances where we change a few things here and there. But this is a general overview.


1. You contact us, and we talk about what you need clearing. Depending on how we will quote for the work, one of the following happens:
1a. Email Quote – If the property is small, and you are able to send us images of the property to be cleared via email, we can then produce a quotation this way.
1b. If a site visit is required, we will visit (normally within 24 hours) and conduct a full survey, before issuing a quotation.

2. We operate a full online quotation service. This means that once we create a quote for you, you can view it online. If all is acceptable to you, you can accept our quote online, or if you need to ask us any questions, they can be emailed through our online service, or you can give us a call.
We do of course also send quotes by email, or post if required. We do understand that not everyone is internet savvy, or wants to use the internet for everything.

3. We work with you, to arrange a time for the work to be completed.

4. We turn up at the property on the pre arranged day (can be as quick as next day after quote being accepted), and begin the property clearance. There is no one size fits all for the length of time it takes to clear a property. We will work as quick as we can, whilst remaining professional throughout. We will provide a guideline on the quotation as to how long we feel the clearance will take.
We sort any obvious rubbish whilst at the property, into various boxes for their recycling types. Things like glass, paper and wood are separated at the property if possible. We also box up any loose items, being careful not to cause any damage.

5. We load everything onto our vans, including all the rubbish, and leave the property in an empty state. There may be occasions where by mutual consent we use a skip for the rubbish. This skip may be left after we have gone, although we would have arranged for the skip company to remove it.

6. Once the property is cleared, we take all the items back to our base, and sort through those that we didn’t whilst at the property.
We take the rubbish, and the recycling to a local waste transfer station (being commercial, we have to pay the landfill fees). Anything that cannot be sold on is donated to local charities / organisations who can make good use of it.

And that’s it! Although it sounds quite simple, but a general 1 day house clearance, is normally about 3 days work after all the waste and recycling have been taken to the tip, the items taken to the various charities and so on.