House Clearance Warwickshire

House Clearance Warwickshire

House Clearance Warwickshire

House Clearance Warwickshire provided by Totally Cleared. Being a local company, we know the Warwickshire area well, and can provide the best possible service to the Warwickshire area. We are property clearance experts, its what we do. We can clear and remove almost anything, from just about any property.

Supplying all the required labour, tools and equipment, once you book us, you need do nothing else. We will arrange all the packing and clearing of items, move all the heavy furniture, and leave the property empty and ready to be marketed.

Safely disposing of all the items, we recycle whatever we possibly can, reuse what we can, and donate where possible. We aim to send hardly anything to landfill, if possible. On a typical house clearance, about 10% will go to landfill. We are however constantly managing this figure, and always aim to get it lower.

So, if you have a property in Warwickshire, a house, shop or other premises, and you need it cleared, then pick up the phone and give us a call on 0121 3188 400. We offer free, no obligation quotations, and can quote by pictures sent by email, or a site visit.


Warwickshire House Clearance

As you can see from the image above, this Warwickshire house was left in a state by the old owners. We were called in and asked to clear and clean the whole house. We had to remove all the old food, clothing, furniture etc and dispose of it.

House Clearance Warwickshire

This included all rooms and the outside areas. The above property was a 5 bedroom house, spread over 3 floors, with loft space, sheds and garages. It took us 4 days to fully complete the property clearance, and when handed back to the client, they were very pleased with the work that had been completed by our team.

Warwick House Clearance

The kitchen was totally cleared, and given a clean. This included all the white goods and appliances that had been left. The small appliances (toaster, kettle etc) were sent for recycling, but the cooker and dishwasher were in good working order, and only needed a clean to bring them back into everyday usage. We placed air fresheners into ever room, to ensure the house smelt nice when people entered the property. The property was left ready to be marketed by the Estate Agents, something which wouldn’t had been advisable prior to our attendance.

House Clearance Warwick

We believe in leaving a property in a state that we would be happy to move into. Unlike many other companies, we will clean and clear the entire property, not just a few selected areas.

For all your Warwickshire Property Clearance needs, give Totally Cleared a call.