Office Clearance – 16th century Building

Office Clearance – 16th century Building

Office Clearance – 16th century Building

Clearing an office is nothing new for us. We are quite often called in to conduct an office clearance following an end of tenancy, or a change in office furniture. However, being called into clear an office that is part of a 16th century is a rarity for us.

Half of this office was in an old house, that was originally built in a market village. The other half was a later 20th century addition.

Being such an old building, it posed a number of challenges for us. Firstly, the building was over 3 floors, and we were unable to remove items from the upper floor without first taking them to pieces. This was due to the only access to the upper floor being through a spiral staircase. Then we had to take into account our route from the offices to the van, and how the equipment would be removed. There was no lift access, so everything ahd to go up and down stairs. We were also incredibly aware of the history within the building, and did our best to ensure that nothing was damaged.

Items that we removed were typical office items. These included chairs, desks, cupboards and office supplies.

Approximately 95% of items from this office clearance were either recycled or reused. Very little was sent to landfill.

This clearance was completed with 2 staff in 1 and a half days. We went slightly slower than normal due to the access issues that we experienced.

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Here are some pictures of before we cleared:
Office Clearance

and some from when we had finished:

Completed office clearance